Celebrate Your Child's Birthday With Custom Floor Decals

Custom floor decals can be a fun addition to the decorations at your child's birthday party, whether you're hosting the party in your home or are renting a room at a local party center. In the latter scenario, you'll have no trouble quickly applying the decals to the floor when you arrive and removing them before you leave. While some parents order custom lawn signs for their children's birthday parties, your child may not have been to a gathering with custom floor decals — and this can help to make the event special for them. Here are some options to consider if you want to use these decals in this way.

Party Theme Images

It's common for children to pick themes for their birthday parties. If you're planning this party around a specific theme, keep it in mind when you order some custom floor decals. There can be lots of fun opportunities to explore with your custom printing company. For example, if your child has picked monster trucks as their party theme, you can have a number of different floor decals that depict monster trucks. Placing these around the floor in the party space can add an exciting feel to the area.


Think about what entertainment you'll have at the birthday party. Lots of parents come up with game ideas for the children to play. Another option to explore is to choose floor decals that tie into one or more of the games that your child and their friends will be playing. For example, if the kids have to complete a scavenger hunt, you might have your printing company design a decal that is a checklist of the items that the kids need to find. You can place this decal in a central area, and the kids can check it before they run off to look for the items.

Message Of Thanks

It's important to show gratitude to the children who attend your child's birthday party. Most of them will be giving gifts to your child, which means that their parents have spent time and money buying something that your child will like. Another idea to think about is ordering a custom floor decal that expresses thanks to the guests and their parents. You can place this decal on the floor near your front door or at the entrance of your private party room so that the parents who drop off their kids will see it.

Reach out to a professional who creates floor decals for more ideas.